LG G6 Will Get a Quad DAC Just Like the V20 but Improved

LG announced that it will feature an “upgraded” Quad DAC in the LG G6, similar feature LG introduced with LG V10 and continued vith V20. The Quad DAC (digital to analog converter) is made by ESS, the same company that implemented the DAC in V10 and V20. “Exceptional sound balance” that “provides a sense of depth.” is what users will get from the feature. The DAC also helps reduce background noise and allow for better controls over left and right earphone audio. LG also said that the “path for transmitting sound signals inside the chip has also been widened” with this new tecnology.

This probably means a lot to audiophiles. LG is making a true flagship this year with G6, it will stand out with its 2:1 Q-HD display, impressive bezel-less display and metal build design.

Source LG

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